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After years of planning, BioEarth is developing its first BioVillage prototypes, aiming at 2023 or sooner for launch. Our BioVillages offer new patterns of localized civilization, infused by the wisdom of older and indigenous lifeways, aimed at conservation of natural ecosystems as a long term, resilient solution for local populations living in a new era of climate realities. More than an ecovillage, BioVillages deeply consider the human cultural components of a small community and region, while aiming to be ecologically as well as economically and socially sustainable. BioVillages are based on the principle of Symbiosis, an ecological dynamic wherein elements and creatures operate harmoniously with one another within the limits and resources of a local ecosystem. BioVillage projects recognize that the human component of such a system requires thoughtful design around local culture, economics, governance, religion, art, education, and social cooperation. Our small communities are designed as ecological and cultural systems that offer affordable, low carbon footprint housing adapted to the local environment, with resiliencies built around economy, energy, food, water, and sanitation, as well as mechanisms for shared governance, decision making, and conflict resolution, and social spaces for education, recreation, artistic and intellectual creations.

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