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Our Values

At BioEarth We... 


Maintain an innovative, interdisciplinary, uplifting, team based leadership culture that elevates the voices of underrepresented groups and that prioritizes deep listening.


Use multi-solving to address problems posed by climate change and social disharmony through a systems based, interdisciplinary, ecologically sensitive approach that uses evidence to develop projects, trainings, and educational curricula.


Embrace paradigm changes.


Build on Aldo Leopold’s land ethic and the ecological principle of Symbiosis to create solutions that foster positive relationships between humans and the rest of the natural ecosystem, including within the human community, with the added goal of contributing to the circular economy.


Include short, medium and longer term longitudinal scenarios (10, 50, and 100 year timelines, and longer) in all projects in both design and adaptive implementation, informed by migration models and climate change science.


Demonstrate respect for human life, especially for children, regardless of nationality. Work to identify and build on commonalities across diverse groups, with the goal of bridging root intersectionalities wherever possible.


Demonstrate respect for non-human life, recognizing the right of animals and ecosystems to thrive for their own benefit and acting in accordance with this realization.


Honor and learn from the wisdom and viewpoint of First Nations/indigenous/aboriginal/traditional/ native and local peoples as well as local systems of sense making and lifeways, including local and indigenous religions, sciences, cultures, languages, stories, healing ways, systems of governance, traditional foods, organizations, and economies.


Create transformative education that empowers others to arrive at their own discernment and that pairs academic curriculum with practical skills and tools for implementing sustainability, healing, and justice. 


Set goals and measure organizational success in terms of alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and BioEarth’s additional criteria for sustainability, healing, and justice. Assess the success of individual fulfillment within BioEarth’s team in accordance with the principle of Ikigai, the intersection of: What the World Needs, What I Am Good At, What I Can Be Compensated For, and What I Am Passionate About.
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