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The Climate Covenant- Interview with Frances Flannery at Trinity Longroom Hub Dublin, Ireland

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

8 June 2022—Dublin, Ireland. Trinity Longroom Hub

“Fellow in Focus” Interview

As a Visiting Research Fellow at Trinity College’s globally esteemed center for the Humanities, the Trinity Longroom Hub, a highlight was being interviewed by ecological theologian Dr. Jake Erickson of Trinity College for a “Fellow in Focus” talk. Of course, I love discussing my work on my current book project, Between All Things: The Climate Covenant, an ecological theology of the Hebrew Bible. However, the conversation took me in unexpected directions (as all great interviewers do), as Jake prompted me to reflect on how academics can both conduct research at the highest levels and also reach out to a broader audience, and why this is necessary in this unprecedented time of climate crisis.

When I was first asked to do this, I said that I wanted to bring into this talk less of me “lecturing” and more of the back and forth energy and co-discovery that I was so very fortunate to experience with Jake as my interlocutor/Faculty sponsor every week of this FellowshipI think the “Fellow in Focus” talk succeeds in doing this. Our conversation was totally unscripted, Jake took up my invitation to give his opinions and reflections whenever he was moved to do so, and the graduate students who were present joined in with a ton of questions and comments at the end. The result was a lively exploration of ecological biblical theology in which the joy and discovery were unfolding on the spot – exactly what a top center for the Humanities is designed to do! Oh, how I miss this place and the people!

Specifically, you could fast-forward this interview to the 39 minutes mark for our discussion about the rationale and importance of the One Billion for Peace Pledge:

In Peace,

Frances Flannery, Ph.D.

Co-Founder of BioEarth

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